Next Level Exterior

Our clear coating services can drastically improve the future proof your home.

Your home protects you, so why not protect your home?

Here at Texacote, we can offer a full range of clear coating services that create an invisible barrier, keeping you and your home safer.

  • Offers a self cleaning surface
  • Maintains the original masonry finish
  • Slow ageing or breakdown of the surface
  • Will allow the building to breathe
  • Clear insulation barrier for +20 years
Clear Coatings

Reduce your heating bills

The damper the exterior of your house, the less insulation your home has. Test have shown that brick work with a damp content with as low as 5% can reduce thermal insulation by up to 50%. Our coating services can increase damp protection by up to 95%.

  • Improves thermal efficiency of masonry by keeping it dry
  • Maintains the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Superior Masonry Technology

    We only use the highest quality materials from industry leaders. Check out the demonstration videos from our manufacturers, you wont believe your eyes!