Keeping your house warmer

We use a range of high performance exterior wall insulation systems from a number of manufacturers to suit a variety of exterior surfaces and customer’s requirements.

Save money on heating bills

We cater for both render and cladding which comes in a variety of forms including brick, tiles, timber or shingles.

You may need planning permission for external wall insulation, so make sure you check with your planning department before going ahead. It may not be suitable for the front of some period houses, but you may be able to insulate the back.

External Wall Insulation can also reduce ‘cold spots’ and hence alleviate condensation. Aesthetically adding an EWI system can also transform and modernise the look of your home.

Hover or click the numbers below for an explanation of each layer

  • 1

    Base Track & Insulation boards

    These are the insulation boards which are attached to your walls.

  • 2

    Base Coat

    This is a render upon which a variety of other finishes or finishing coats may be applied.

  • 3


    The reinforcement mesh helps to stop the render cracking and strengthens the system.

  • 4

    Thin Base Coat

    This is to cover the mesh.

  • 5

    Top Coat

    There are a range of top coats which can be applied such as a Silicone / Acrylic finish, an Enviromin coat, pebble dash, brick slip or brick render effect.

External Wall Insulation has many benefits including:

  • Reduces heating bills by reducing heat loss through walls
  • Thermal efficiency of walls can be increased by 85%
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces carbon emissions as you use less fossil fuel
  • Reduce condensation (EWI raises the temperature of internal walls)
  • Prevent damp & mould: EWI seals buildings from the elements
  • Improve acoustics: hi-density insulation reduces sound transfer